I'm the founder of Founder in Flow and co-founder of a tech startup, Prelo. For over 10 years I have studied wellness practices and applied them directly to my business strategy to be 10x more effective. 

I advise and mentor early-stage startup founders inside accelerators and VC portfolios how to do the same. 

With the right tools and support founders can scale while decreasing the risk of high-functioning anxiety, burnout and mood disorders that often comes with growing pains.

In 2011 I became an entrepreneur full-time. I began receiving trainings in many wellness tools such as meditation, NLP, hypnosis and energetic healing. It was a key to my success in the constant pressures of business ownership.

I've lived in San Francisco for 6 years working  with startup founders, entrepreneurs and executives in Silicon Valley using progressive techniques for business growth and personal transformation.

STARTUP ADVISOR & Mindset Mentor

HI, I'm Emily

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I've seen many startups seeking the quickest way to the top, building their empires like sandcastles; without timely intervention, when the tide rolls in the company is doomed.

I support ambitious founders to break the cycle of hacking their business for risky short-term gains and up-level with self-mastery tools to create long lasting success in their startup. 

The results? 

Founders develop ninja like focus, self-control, consistent confidence, clarity and stronger willpower. They'll prime their company for rapid yet sustainable growth rather than painfully short-circuiting and losing momentum. I teach how it's possible to up-level and access flow state on demand without intensity and adrenaline.